Release: 2005.12.28
Catalog: KICA-746-7
Format: FLAC 
Discs: 02

1-01 born Legend (From Shadow Skill)
1-02 For My Pride (From Shadow Skill)
1-03 LAST QUARTER (From Shadow Skill)
1-04 Tenshi no Kyusoku (From Uchusenkan Yamamoto Yoko)
1-05 Ru Ru Ru (From Uchusenkan Yamamoto Yoko)
1-06 question at me (From Vunny Kights)
1-07 WILL (From Houshin Enngi)
1-08 FRIENDS (From Houshin Enngi)
1-09 Chie to Yuki da! Medarot (From Medarot)
1-10 Yappari Kimi ga Suki! (From Medarot)
1-11 only one, No. 1 (From Di Gi Carat)
1-12 Booska! Booska! (From Booska)
1-13 Hare Tokidoki Hare (From Booska)
1-14 Just Fly Away (From Mon Colle Knight)
1-15 Sweet True Love (From Mon Colle Knight)
1-16 Daijobu (From Boys be)
1-17 Min-na ga Iine (From Boys be)
1-18 Ojamajo ha Koko ni Iru (From Ojamajo Doremi #)
1-19 Koe wo Kikasete Ojamajo Doremi #)
2-01 Sakura Saku (From Love Hina)
2-02 Kimisae Ireba (From Love Hina)
2-03 Voice (From Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters)
2-04 Genki no Shower (From Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters)
2-05 Return to myself (From Mon Colle Knight)
2-06 Samba da Batch Good (From Mon Colle Knight)
2-07 CUTIE (From Di Gi Carat Summer Special 2000)
2-08 unstesdy (From Tri Zenon)
2-09 lost in you (From Tri Zenon)
2-10 SUPER GUYS! (From Medarot Damashi)
2-11 Toshishita no Boku (From Medarot Damashi)
2-12 Sora ni Kakeru Hashi (From Tales of Eternia)
2-13 I'd love you to touch me (From Tales of Eternia)
2-14 Megami ni Naritai (From Di Gi Carat Christmas Special)
2-15 Fighting Spirits-Song for Beyblade (From Beyblade)
2-16 CHEER SONG (From Beyblade)
2-17 TAKE (From Gakuen Senki Muryo)


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