The Best Of Anime (US) | LOSSLESS

Release: 1998.09.01
Catalog: R2 75514
Format: FLAC
Scans: Yes
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01 Astro Boy (English Language Version)
02 Gigantor (English Language Version)
03 Speed Racer (English Language Version)
04 Lum's Love Song (From Urusei Yatsura)
05 Sentimental Over The Shoulder (From Magazine 23)
06 Beautiful Planet
07 Active Heart (From Gunbuster)
08 Adesso E Fortuna (From Record Of Lodoss War)
09 Full Moon Night (From Devil Hunter Yohko)
10 Sailing by Hideo Nakamura
11 Happy Birthday To Me (From Silent Mobius)
12 Just Beyond The Time (From New Dominion Tank Police)
13 My Heart I Can’t Say, Your Heart I Want to Know (Ah! My Goddess)
14 Cutey Honey (From New Cutey Honey)
15 Voices (From Macross Plus)
16 Sailor Moon Theme (English Language Version)