CHUMEI WATANABE Discography: Part 1 | Movies & series from the 50s & 60s | FLAC | UPDATE

Chumei Watanabe Collection
Catalogue number: STLC-022/023
Release date: 2015.12.25

*For the first time on the internet*
Chumei Watanabe
Shin Toho Films Original Motion Picture Soundtracks
Catalogue number: STLC-041
Release date: 2019.09.25

 Japanese Film Composer Archive: CHUMEI WATANABE
Nikkatsu Films Soundtrack Compilation
Catalogue number: 3SCD-0023
Release date: 2015.09.30

*For the first time on the internet*
Chumei Watanabe
Nikkatsu Films Soundtrack Collection (8CD)
 Catalogue number: 3SCD-0029/36
Release date: 2017.04.17

PHANTOM AGENTS Original Television Soundtrack Vol.1
Catalogue number: STLC-010
Release date: 2014.05.14

PHANTOM AGENTS Original Television Soundtrack Vol.2
Catalogue number: STLC-011
Release date: 2014.07.16

 PHANTOM AGENTS -The Movie- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Catalogue number: STLC-012
Release date: 2014.07.30

Me and a Siamese Cat / New Phantom Agents
Catalogue number: STLC-019
Release date: 2015.07.15

 Yokai Monsters Trilogy Original Soundtrack (3CD)
100 Monsters | Spook Warfare | Along With Ghosts
Catalogue number: CINK-40-41-42
Release date: 2017.12.20

Chumei Watanabe Collection
The Fifth Detective
Catalogue number: STLC-024
Release date: 2016.03.30

Shintoho Line Series Real Soundtrack
Music by: Chumei Watanabe
Release date: 2021.10.18
Catalog no.: CINK 118

Chumei Watanabe Music Archives Vol.1
Music by: Chumei Watanabe
Catalog number: 3SCD-0062
Release date: 2021.06.23


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