Dai Sentai Goggle Five MUSIC Collection I [Animex 1200 Series 114]

1 Great Sentai Goggle V (TV Size) 
2 Omen 
3 The Demons are from the Great Abyss 
4 Future Science Research Institute 
5 Great Sentai Goggle V (Alternate version, instrumental) 
6 Castle of Darkness 
7 Flash, Goggle V! 
8 Dark Science Draws Stealthily Near 
9 Bridge Collection 
10 Great Sentai Goggle V (instrumental version) 
11 Rest Time 
12 Electric Magic Convoy (instrumental version) 
13 In Twilight 
14 Stop the Battle (instrumental version) 
15 Fight, Young Lions! 
16 Launch, Goggle Robo! (off vocal version) 
17 Giant Robo's Fury 
18 Roar, Earth Sword! 
19 To the Glittering Future 
20 Stop the Battle (TV size version)


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