ROCK IN DISNEY ~Season of the Beat

EYTALK: Mickey Mouse · March [Mickey Mouse · Club]
TOTALFAT: It was not until I was born [Anna and the Queen of the Snow]
Asobius: Small world [New York · World Fair]
SpecialThanks: The door to freedom [Rapunzel above the tower]
Bentham: You're Be In My Heart [Tarzan]
Usotsuki: Under the Sea [Little Mermaid]
Tokyo Karan Colon: Brand New World [Aladdin]
Civilian Skunk: Twirls [Tarzan]
Ken Washizaki: I want to be like you [Jungle Book]
KenKen: Grimm Grinning · Ghost [Haunted Mansion]
SAKANAMON: Color of the Wind [Pocahontas]
WHITE ASH: Princess Dream [Disney Princess]
Shout it Out: Go-The Distance [Hercules]
Fox Capture Plan × Yasuko Omori: Alice in Wonderland [Alice in Wonderland]