Do As Infinity (Complete discography)

Complete discography from japanese band Do as Infinity.
Studio Albuns in 320kbps, all others albuns 192 kbps.

Studio Albums

[2000.03.23] BREAK OF DAWN
[2001.02.21] NEW WORLD
[2001.09.19] DEEP FOREST
[2002.12.26] TRUE SONG
[2003.11.23] GATES OF HEAVEN
[2005.02.16] NEED YOUR LOVE
[2009.09.30] ETERNAL FLAME
[2011.01.19] EIGHT
[2012.02.15] TIME MACHINE
[2012.10.10] Do As Infinity X
[2015.02.25] BRAND NEW DAYS


[2002.03.20] Do The Best
[2004.09.23] Do The B-Side (B-side Best Album)
[2005.09.28] Do The A-Side
[2006.03.15] Do As Infinity Instrumental Collection "MINUS V" (Instrumental Best Album)
[2006.03.15] Do the Best "Great Supporters Collection" (Fan Selection Best Album)
[2014.01.01] The Best of Do As Infinity
[2015.08.12] Anime and Game COLLECTION

Live Albums
[2003.03.12] Do The Live
[2004.03.31] Do As Infinity LIVE IN JAPAN
[2005.09.29] Live in Japan II
[2006.03.15] Do As Infinity -Final-
[2014.03.13] Do As Infinity 14th Anniversary Dive At It Limited Live 2013


[2001] 2nd Anniversary Live
[2004] Friday Night Live

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